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Jonathan Larmour
For a long time now, we've been telling people to use for
everything to do with the eCos project, whether for the mailing lists,
website, CVS, and so on.  Years ago, it used to be

But a recent change means that the name no longer points to (or

Anyone who has been using old address book entries for sending mail to the
eCos mailing lists will find it won't work, and obviously you should update
your address book to use instead. Also anyone who has had
a CVS source tree checked out from when it was will find
they can no longer update it.

For anyone with an existing CVS tree, open a bash prompt (using cygwin if on
Windows), change directory to the base of the checked out tree and type:

  cat CVS/Root

and if the output is:

:pserver:[hidden email]:/cvs/ecos

then you will need to fix your CVS source tree with the following command from
the same directory:

find . -path \*/CVS/Root -exec sh -c "echo
:pserver:[hidden email]:/cvs/ecos > {}" \;

(that must be all on one line).

Contact [hidden email] if you have any problems.