snprintf in newlib-3.3.0 vs 3.1.0

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snprintf in newlib-3.3.0 vs 3.1.0

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Hi list,

I use a Gentoo crossdev toolchain for developing armv7m microcontroller
code.  Recently Gentoo switched to newlib-3.3.0 as a result of the CVEs
reported in pre-3.3.0 releases.

I noticed a fairly significant increase (about 6k) in my .data section of a
project after upgrading the toolchain.  All else is held equal, the newlib
3.1.0 -> 3.3.0 upgrade is the only change.  Looking at the map/list files,
it seems related to my usage of s(n)print.  Is this much increase to be
expected, or am I potentially suffering from a misconfiguration?  Certainly
not exhaustive, but the main size offenders seem to be new functions being
linked in _vfiprintf_r and __sfvwrite_r.

I noticed that the default of REENT_CHECK_VERIFY was switched from false to
true, so I tried recompiling with that reverted to false, but it didn't
seem to change the outcome.

Not a huge deal, I just wanted to know if it is expected, or something gone

Any advise is appreciated
Best regards,