should we move the Kawa's bug-tracker to gitlab?

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should we move the Kawa's bug-tracker to gitlab?

Per Bothner
I think the answer is 'yes" - it doesn't really make sense to use
gitlab for git hosting unless we also use it for bugs/issues.
If for no other reason than people will do so regardless ...

(Though I have mixed feelings about the "pull/merge request" way of working
- and we will always accept old-fashioned patches, we should also
accept merge requests on gitlab  which suggests also using their issue tracker.)

For now let's call it an experiment: feel free to report bugs and
issues at:

Likewise feel free to host merge requests (pull requests) there.

If the experience is satisfactory I will update the manual
with the above link as where people should report and browse bugs.

I have no plans to migrate the old bugs from Savannah - I don't
know any practical way to do that.

There is nothing very wrong with Savannah's bug tracker,
and in some ways it is more elegantly minimalist and efficient.
However, I think most people would prefer gitlab's.
        --Per Bothner
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