lwIP sequential Assert cyg_Mbox

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lwIP sequential Assert cyg_Mbox

Felix R

the sequential http-test fails with an assert.

ASSERT FAIL: <5>mboxt.inl[79]void Cyg_Mboxt<T, QUEUE_SIZE>::wakeup_waiter() Bad thread pointer
ASSERT FAIL: <5>mboxt.inl[605]cyg_bool Cyg_Mboxt<T, QUEUE_SIZE>::tryput() Bad this pointer

I cannot figure out the reason. can you help me?

Thread [1] (Suspended: Signal 'SIGINT' received. Description: Interrupt.)
        13 cyg_assert_fail() buffer.cxx:748 0x00114a78
        12 Cyg_Mboxt<void*, 10>::wakeup_waiter() mboxt.inl:79 0x0011e8d4
        11 Cyg_Mboxt<void*, 10>::tryput() mboxt.inl:624 0x0011e804
        10 Cyg_Mbox::tryput() mbox.cxx:156 0x0011d678
        9 cyg_mbox_tryput() kapi.cxx:899 0x00117804
        8 sys_mbox_trypost() sys_arch.c:288 0x0013031c
        7 tcpip_input() tcpip.c:336 0x0012fca4
        6 lwip_eth_drv_input() sequential.c:314 0x00130be8
        5 eth_drv_recv() eth_drv.c:431 0x001243e8
        4 zynq_eth_poll() xilinx_zynq_ethernet_controller.c:1177 0x00104cc8
        3 zynq_eth_deliver() xilinx_zynq_ethernet_controller.c:1071 0x00104770
        2 eth_thread() sequential.c:282 0x00130b64
        1 Cyg_HardwareThread::thread_entry() thread.cxx:94 0x00118870

this: (Mbox class)
this 0x0016d948
        base 0
        count 1
        get_threadq {...}
                Cyg_ThreadQueue_Implementation {...}
                        Cyg_CList_T<Cyg_Thread>        {...}
                                Cyg_CList {...}
                                        head 0x00000001
                                                next 0x60000000
                                                prev 0x074288c2
        put_threadq {...}
        size 0
        itemqueue 0x0016d958