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localedef - problem, code_set_name

Could you advise me on this, please? Is is not important, but I think it should work.
I have in a directory the files needed as arguments to localedef (charmap and locale specification). Then I run localedef to create the directory with the binaty locale info.
To be spefific:
localedef --verbose --force -f /home/Vaclav/programming/C/locale/UTF-8  -i /home/Vaclav/programming/C/locale/cs_CZ  ./xx_XX.utf8@venca      ,

where xx_XX.utf8@venca is my desired binary locale info.

Here is the testing program, it should print 'A' with grave/acute :
************************* l2.c++ *****************
// build with: g++ -std=c++98 -o l2 l2.c++
// run with: LC_ALL=../../../home/Vaclav/programming/C/locale/xx_XX.utf8@venca  ./l2


int main()
 setlocale(LC_ALL, "");
 fputws(L"\u00c1", stdout);

 return 0;

But, then I decided to change order of letter 'A' with acute and letter 'A' with grave. I ran localedef the same way, but nothing changed!

When I changed line in file UTF-8
<code_set_name> UTF-8
<code_set_name> xUTF-8
then not even 'A' with acute is printed, but '?'.

Do you know what the problem may be?
Thank you. V.