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libffi 3.0.11 announcement

Anthony Green
Hello hackers...

I'm happy to announce the availability of libffi 3.0.11, which you are
free to download here:

This release includes the following improvements:

        Add support for variadic functions (ffi_prep_cif_var).
        Add Linux/x32 support.
        Add thiscall, fastcall and MSVC cdecl support on Windows.
        Add Amiga and newer MacOS support.
        Add m68k FreeMiNT support.
        Integration with iOS' xcode build tools.
        Fix Octeon and MC68881 support.
        Fix code pessimizations.
        Lots of build fixes.

In addition to all of the users and testers, I'd like to thank the
following people for their code contributions to the 3.0.11 release:
Alan Hourihane, Andoni Morales Alastruey, Andreas Schwab, Andreas
Tobler, Andrew Haley, Andrew Pinski, Chris Young, Chung-Lin Tang,
David Edelsohn, David Gilbert, Dmitry Nadezhin, H.J. Lu, Iain Sandoe,
Jakub Jelinek, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse, Kai Tietz, Kaz Kojima,
Kimura Wataru, Kyle Moffett, Mikael Pettersson, Mike Lewis, Peter
Bergner, Peter Rosin, Petr Salinger, Rainer Orth, Richard Henderson,
Timothy Wall, Uros Bizjak, Zachary Waldowski, and chennam.

Check out the following links for more details:

Have fun!

Anthony Green
[hidden email]