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hal cme555 on cme564

Azkarate_Askasua Mikel
Hi all,

I'm trying to run the cme555 port for eCos into an Axiom's CME564 board.

The RedBoot seems to work properly (instead of being a Flash driver error).
I make a Hello.srec file with a 'default' viper and the 'makefile' from the examples directory.
I load it throught serial cable.
It seems to be copy correctly (I have made a dump of RAM memory and the data is the same that is in the '.srec' file).
But when I execute 'go' command it do nothing.

Is that normal because the execution pattern is diferent from cme555 board?
Does the Flash error affect in the RAM execution?

Any other suggestion would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Mikel A-A

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