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fenv soft-float support

Sebastian Huber-4

the recent fenv patches added support for the soft-float implementation
of FreeBSD. Newlib uses the one from libgcc by default. They are not
compatible. Having an GCC incompatible soft-float fenv support in Newlib
makes no sense to me.

How can we fix this?

As a short-term fix, I would remove the FreeBSD fenv support. What
should we provide instead? I would just provide the hardware
implementation of the architecture for now. If someone uses this in a
soft-float configuration, he may get exceptions or some sort of
undefined behaviour. This is what you get on powerpc currently.

A long-term solution would be to add support for the GCC soft-float
implementation in libgcc. This requires changes in the GCC
configuration. I guess this is a bit of work.