eCos ROM startup from RedBoot

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eCos ROM startup from RedBoot

Pierre-Jean COUDERT-2

I have RedBoot running from flash with a ROM startup on a memory
constrained platform ( ARM Cortex-M Kinetis K60).

I would like to be able to launch an eCos application stored in Flash
from RedBoot.
So, my hardware will be first initialized by RedBoot.

I already have build a corresponding modified memory mapping (.ldi files)
I think, I'll need a "mixed" startup type (between ROM and RAM) :
quite like a RAM startup concerning the vectors initialization but
with a .data section RAM initialization as in a ROM startup.

Does this kind of startup already exists on other platforms ?
Do I need to create a new startup type ?

Thanks in advance for your response.


Pierre-Jean Coudert