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Hello, everyone

Recnetly, I join eCos development. The offical document is a good start
place, really useful for me. In kernel overview, its introduced system
scheduler work behave. I have some confuse, it's may conflict to the
source code.

Document (ecos-v3.0-ref-letter.pdf) says the scheduler (MLQ) schedule
same priority thread as LIFO (The eCos kernel->Kernel Overview
->Schedulers). After read the source code, I'm confuse. If I'm not
wrong, source code now schedule it as FIFO(using add_tail and rem_head).
I also found some in the ChangeLog at below. May be I'm wrong, anyone
can help me about this?

   2000-05-20  Jonathan Larmour  <[hidden email]>

       (Cyg_SchedulerThreadQueue_Implementation::enqueue): Add, like old
       one, except make it FIFO instead of LIFO by inserting at end of queue

As saying before, I'm new guy. Thanks for your work.

Best wish.


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