crash with pthreads after dlclose()

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crash with pthreads after dlclose()

Mario Emmenlauer-3


thank you for the pthreads-win32 project, its doing a great job
for us!

Currently we have an issue with a program crash on exit, which
seems to be related to pthreads. We are using FreeLibrary to close
a library, that uses pthreads internally. Since we do not call
pthreads directly, I don't know if I have to unregister/close/free
anything before calling FreeLibrary()?
The application crashes not at FreeLibrary(), but instead when it
exists normally.

Here is the top of the callstack, in case that helps:
  pthreadVC2.dll!_ptw32_callUserDestroyRoutines()  + 0xd8 bytes C
  pthreadVC2.dll!_pthread_win32_thread_detach_np()  + 0x2c bytes C

Thanks, and all the best,


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