bfd_check_format: ignore errors from coff_real_object_p

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bfd_check_format: ignore errors from coff_real_object_p

Alan Modra-3
Since 1993-11-05 git commit c188b0bec3b, bfd_check_format has failed
if any of the target object_p functions returns false with any error
but bfd_error_wrong_format.  That's just weird.  There is really no
reason why coff_real_object_p should be fixed to only return that
error instead of numerous other possible errors.  Even an out of
memory condition for one target doesn't necessarily mean other targets
can't match, assuming the failing target nicely returns all memory it
might have used.

        * format.c (bfd_check_format_matches): Ignore bfd_error on target
        match failures.  Don't init to bfd_error_wrong_format before
        calling _bfd_check_format.

diff --git a/bfd/format.c b/bfd/format.c
index e53955eb45..a80a175b8a 100644
--- a/bfd/format.c
+++ b/bfd/format.c
@@ -325,12 +325,6 @@ bfd_check_format_matches (bfd *abfd, bfd_format format, char ***matching)
       if (bfd_seek (abfd, (file_ptr) 0, SEEK_SET) != 0)
  goto err_ret;
-      /* If _bfd_check_format neglects to set bfd_error, assume
- bfd_error_wrong_format.  We didn't used to even pay any
- attention to bfd_error, so I suspect that some
- _bfd_check_format might have this problem.  */
-      bfd_set_error (bfd_error_wrong_format);
       temp = BFD_SEND_FMT (abfd, _bfd_check_format, (abfd));
       if (temp)
@@ -389,8 +383,6 @@ bfd_check_format_matches (bfd *abfd, bfd_format format, char ***matching)
  goto err_ret;
-      else if (bfd_get_error () != bfd_error_wrong_format)
- goto err_ret;
   if (best_count == 1)

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM