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Grant Edwards-6
On 2013-03-18, andrea_91 <[hidden email]> wrote:
> i'm doing eCos porting on board Atmel: at91sam9x35. Well, now i did
> the memory mapping on plf_io.h file and then i created all other file
> for dbg port. If i try to debug to see if the dbg port works, on the
> putty terminal i see something similar to
> "G!??V@??t??T????????????????????f??f??n??f??Q??", but i'd wanted to
> write "Hello world\n". I know that this is a possible error of baud
> rate but the baud rate on putty and on ecos are correct(115200).

Any time the received string and expected string differ that much in
length, it pretty much has to be baud rate.

Have you actually verified that eCos board's baud rate is correct?  By
'verify', I mean hook up an oscilloscope or logic analyzer to the eCos
board's TxD line and measure the baud rate.

Grant Edwards