You could save up to $700 a year off your electricity bill

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You could save up to $700 a year off your electricity bill

Modern Solar Rebate
The Government is aiming to phase out electric water heaters and giving eligible households a
generous $1,600 rebate for making the switch! On top of this when you assign your RECs to
Modern you will save even more.

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Electric water heating accounts for up to 30% of home energy use! Installing a Modern Solar Hot
Water system will reduce your water heating energy use by up to 90%.

Unlike other solar hot water systems, Modern systems are built to last, do not require you to manually
boost when the sun is down and are designed to blend in with the look of your home.

This rebate won’t last forever, so when your electric water heater needs replacing in the next
couple of years, you may have to replace it with a renewable energy alternative at full cost!

ENQUIRE NOW and speak to one of our consultants about how much you will save with Modern Solar Hot Water.


*Conditions apply: System must be installed for rebate to be claimed; Rebates subject to Federal and State Government approvals; RECs must be assigned to Modern; Extra charges apply for: flat roof; installation; old system remove & dump; © The Modern Group. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy

^Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts – Solar Hot Water Rebate guidelines

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