Where are the memory mappings in Redboot for the Boa port?

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Where are the memory mappings in Redboot for the Boa port?

Jacob Jones
Hello!  I have been trying for quite some time to get CS1 and CS2
mapped to appropriate memory addresses on an Analogue and Micro Boa
board.  I have been able to perform this on a Freescale Lite5200
board, which uses the same MPC5200 chip as the Boa, so I know my MBAR
registers are getting set correctly.

I suspect that the configuration for the Boa's G2LE core must be bad.
Assuming that the Boa's memory map is set up like the Rattler, I tried
to find the hal/powerpc/boa/current/src/*.S file.  Lo and behold, the
boa directory doesn't exist under powerpc!  Yet, I am able to build
and run test programs for the boa, and the SDRAM and FLASH are mapped
to accessible addresses.

So, my questions are:
Can anyone tell me where the memory mappings are made for the Boa port
of Redboot?

Has anyone successfuly triggered CS1 or any other chip select other than 0?

Thank you!

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