Upgrading to LWIP 1.4.1

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Upgrading to LWIP 1.4.1

Andrew Parlane-2
A few months ago I did some work to port the latest stable LWIP to eCos.
Bug report: http://bugs.ecos.sourceware.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1001873

I'm trying to address the problems mentioned in comment 25, specifically
the ppp test not compiling.

PPP was one part that I didn't spend too much time looking at
originally, because I don't know much about it or have any means of
testing it.  Looking again now, I see that when LWIP 1.3.2 was ported to
eCos, there was a patch applied along with the port (not as separate
patches) which is confusing matters. This extra patch seems to have
modified src/netif/ppp/ppp.c, and added to netif/ppp/ chat.c, timesys.c
timesys.h record.c, record.h and added include/netif/ppp/chat.h

 From what I can gather the change to ppp.c was to fix PPP as LWIP 1.3.2
didn't support this properly, however LWIP 1.4.1 apparently does.

chat.c and .h seem to implement chat scripts which seems genuinely
useful, and is the reason the tests/ppp.c is failing to compile (because
I removed these). Adding these back is pretty trivial and should just work.

timesys and record were only used by src/netif/ppp/ppp.c and
specifically weren't required by the original LWIP code and were added
as part of this extra patch. I don't think these are needed anymore and
could just be removed.

Does anyone have any comments about any of this, does keeping chat.c and
.h and dropping the other files and extra changes to ppp.c seem sensible?

Finally while I'm happy to do this work including reapplying all the ppp
changes, I have no way of testing this, so would anyone be up for trying
these changes and making sure they work?

Andrew Parlane