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Unable to load bin file

Ashish Ranjan
hi all,
I am running RedBoot from redboot.elf in powerpc
board.I want to get RedBoot prompt from redboot.bin
but i am unable to do this.....
My startup type is ROM.
I am loading redboot.elf by debugger(lauterbach) and
it works properly,but when i load the redboot.bin
after erasing the flash i don't find any code in the
flash.Why is it so?

Exection is started from the RAM(0x00000100) and
executed the following codes :

lis r3, 0x3000
ori r3,r3,0x2000
mtlr r3

Atter 'blr' execution jump to 0x30002000 address and
at 0x30002000 it finds :
  frmaddr  f31,f31,f31,f31
and get stuck.

Give guidline with proper solution.


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