Trivial patches to improve user experience of gdbtui

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Trivial patches to improve user experience of gdbtui

Jan Holesovsky

Recently I started using gdbtui; and I like it a lot, especially the SingleKey
mode.  It has some issues, but I fixed the most annoying [for me ;-)] with
the following patches - please have a look & commit :-)  [For descriptions,
please see the changelog.]  They are trivial, so I hope I don't need the
copyright assignment for them.  If yes, please let me know; and correct me
even if you prefer the patches inline instead of attachments.


2007-05-21  Jan Holesovsky  <[hidden email]>

        * tui/tui.c: SingleKey binding for stepi and nexti; don't quit
          SingleKey by 'q' when it's activated by a nontrivial ctrl+x
          combination - the user is smart enough to exit this mode.
        * tui/tui-win.c: Fix silly typos in help.
        * tui/tui-io.c: Display prompts like ---Type <return>... even in
          SingleKey mode, and be able to react there.
        * tui/tui-command.c: When switched temporarily from the SingleKey mode
          to command mode, bind [Up] and [Down] keys to readline history; it's
          safe because we know that the user wants to type.

Thank you in advance!


better-keys.diff (981 bytes) Download Attachment
fix-help.diff (682 bytes) Download Attachment
single-key-history.diff (1K) Download Attachment
fix-prompt.diff (892 bytes) Download Attachment