Toolchain-and-Linux-kernel session at LPC

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Toolchain-and-Linux-kernel session at LPC

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Hi good peoples!

As you probably know there is gonna be a GNU Tools Track at the virtual
LPC 2020 conference.  Instructions on how to participate have been
already sent here and can be found at

[By the way, the deadline to send proposals for talks is today, so
 please do so if you want to participate!]

Additionally to the regular talks/tutorials/etc in the track, and
considering we are collocated with the Linux Plumbers Conference, we
think it would be very interesting to have a Toolchain<->kernel session
as part of the track, since the kernel hackers will be there.

The purpose of this session would be to address specific discussions
between toolchain hackers and Linux kernel hackers.  Examples of such
topics are the wrapping of Linux syscalls, security features that the
kernel people would like the toolchain to support, impact of particular
optimizations on the kernel, debugging of the kernel, and the like.

So if you are working in an area where you would benefit from such
interaction with the kernel people, and you would be interested in doing
so during LPC, please send let me know at [hidden email].

If we can gather enough interest then we will register the session as a
Micro-Conference in LPC.

Note that this session would _not_ overlap with the rest of the GNU
Tools track, and that the same topic may be presented and discussed as
both a regular talk/tutorial/whatever in the GNU Tools track and also as
part of the kernel discussion session.