Support the Taiwan Model - A Permanent Peace System Urgently Needed in Hong Kong, Tibet, North Korea, and Chinese 33 provinces

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Support the Taiwan Model - A Permanent Peace System Urgently Needed in Hong Kong, Tibet, North Korea, and Chinese 33 provinces

Permanent peace partnership
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Support the Taiwan Model - A Permanent Peace System Urgently Needed in Hong Kong, Tibet, North Korea, and Chinese provinces (33)
Permanent Peace Urgently Needs Your Support. Please Tell Your Friends and Relatives to Go to the "Change the World” Platform at ( )

Inasmuch as we humans ultimately have only two roads to the future: peace and destruction, faced with unending nuclear weapons development, once
nuclear warfare erupts, everything will become ashes. This points up the fact that peace is life, is truth, and is the absolute truth of all things on
earth; It integrates the concepts of "One World” (India), “Global Unity (China) in the East, with the West’s "One Principality, One Human
Family" and other ancient ideals. It combines modern technology and systematic structure to provide the ultimate system urgently needed by humanity.

Inasmuch as eliminating nuclear-weapons backed autocracies cannot be achieved with nuclear weapons alone; this calls for the proper system. "All
battles must be fought on the battlefield of "system performance." Here, each system will be evaluated for its usefulness to nations. Thus we propose
a super-national level (UN, EU), national level (US, China, Russia), and sub-national level (Hong Kong, Tibet, Crimea, states, provinces) system
Charter for Permanent Peace that more than 249 political entities (including the UN 193 Member States) and countless sub-national levels can use. It
can function for a long time, will eliminate excessive wars, and can peacefully evolve nuclear-backed authoritarian regimes. Military budgets can be
slashed and used to eliminate human poverty and spur development

Inasmuch as the Global Village embraces the theme of ‘All for One and One for All,’ every citizen cares about their own issues even as they work
to end persecution by authoritarian regimes and other forms of evil until in the end, "no one speaks for me anymore." Action against persecution must
anticipate reactions by the institutions it targets. Consider the strategy behind the image here: “He drew a circle that shut me out- Heretic,
rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle and took him in.”

Now, we Taiwanese and the oppressed people of the world stand in front of humanity at this historical point in time. We offer Taiwan as a model for
entering the ultimate stage of human development to achieve permanent peace for centuries to come. This landmark constitutional proposition for world
peace presents a three-level system of constitutional standards at the supranational, national and sub-national levels that all people and all
countries will strive to achieve, implementing human rights standards and upholding the rights of every world citizen. This will directly lead to
universal and effective observance of the Charter for Permanent Peace and unveil the secrets of this human system:

The Charter for Permanent Peace is based on two core concepts: 1. Achieve permanent peace with global integration of law, global participation of
judges, and the promotion of constitutional standards (ISO); 2. Create sustainable development: become the master of all worlds, pursuing world
harmony and advancing world government (ISO). Its 28 basic claims are divided into two parts. One is the people's rights and obligations; the other is
national decentralization standards (referred to as Charter 228). Every clause of the charter is a necessary condition for permanent peace in a nation
or political entity (such as Hong Kong or Tibet), but it must be drafted and amended by the world’s heroes in order to serve as an amulet for the
people and a formula for governing nations. See the "Change the World” platform at ( ) for details.

Keep in mind the lessons of history. For example, Chamberlain’s missteps cannot be repeated... Taiwan firmly chooses to stand with the 2/3 of the
world’s people under authoritarian oppression, fighting for universal values such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. In doing
so, we Taiwanese will lose only our iron curtains and chains, violence and lies, they will suffer no loss, instead winning the capital city of a
long-prospering nation and world.

Inasmuch as approval of more than half of the electorate is needed in democracies for decisions to be legally effective, the world's citizens must
take the lead in signing up supporters. This will enhance the "chain reaction" effect and the power of "wave diffusion". The butterfly effect will
kick in, leading thousands of people to sign up, and quantitative change will become qualitative change. It will not require any country to take
military action, naturally initiating the process of peaceful evolution of authoritarian dictatorship.
Permanent peace for mankind. We need your support —tell your friends and relatives to go to the "Change the World” platform at ( )

Supporters: This petition is offered by
iNGO Permanent Peace Partnership World Federation, General Mentor The Dalai Lama
iNGO Permanent Peace Partnership Taiwan General Association, Chien-ming Huang Chairman, and Global Presidents and Partners ( )

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