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Submitting patches ?

ralph engels

After some brainstorming and some help from a user we managed
to get gcc building again with pthreads-w32. Theres a few changes
needed, first and foremost windows.h must not be included in pthread.h,
i used a guard to only allow it at build time but it should newer be
allowed if we want to do this correctly since it breaks gcc macros.
Secondly the check for __MINGW64__ is wrong since __MINGW64__ ==
__MINGW32__ if you want to distinguish the builds for the mingw-w64
compiler the correct define is __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR.

Rest of the changes are against gcc itself and have been pushed to the
gcc dev team.

Im not sure where to submit patches for pthreads-w32 since the
repository is read only,
but i can forward them to you if you prefer it that way.

Let me know which option would be preferable.

Regards Ralph Engels