Status of Long-double-128 soft-fp for powerpc32

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Status of Long-double-128 soft-fp for powerpc32

Steven Munroe
Updated the bugzilla with refreshed
patches for gcc, libc and ports.

With this patch set powerpc32 -without-fp builds clean and passes all make
check tests.

Fixed the fused multiple subtract in gcc darwin-ldouble. Plus
found and fixed a number of generic soft-fp bugs allong the way. The final
set of bugs where related to fabsl. Current gcc (4.1.1 and 4.2) generates
code of the builtin fabsl which does not handle -0.0 correctly. The
current patch has a work around based on -fno-builtin-fabsl, but this
should be fixed in gcc.

We have a bit of a catch 22 ...

As I understand it we need the soft-fp fixes into the glibc upstream before
we can propagate the fixes to gcc, before David can submit the rest of the
gcc soft-fp fixes for gcc-4.2. The other question is do we want the libc and
ports fixes in before the glibc-2.5 cut off