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Redboot Polling Timers

Les G. Miklosy-2
In my build of Redboot from version eCos 1.0.7 the execution aborts with
an IU Error when executing __timer_poll. If I remove the call to
__timer_poll in package tcp.c the initialization proceeds to a RedBoot
prompt and I can execute commands (ping, help, ip, version, load) at the

One call sequence executes the polling timer with  http_stream_open ->
__tcp_open -> __tcp_poll -> __timer_poll.  Another starts from
'net_io_test'. Another one should set the timer with __enet_poll ->
__ip_handler -> __tcp_handler -> __tcp_send -> __timer_set or similar.  
The debugger shows me '__timer_set' is never called from anywhere so I
would expect the polling timer to fail as it does.

Can someone suggest why the timers are not being set and what the
calling sequence should be to set them. I can't yet explain why Redboot
is functional (to the degree it still is) with the polling timer removed
as I have done. The hardware abstraction layer is a baseline I have used
successfully and the hardware has not changed. Platform is SPARC Leon on
the now vintage GR-XCS-1500 from Pender Electronics.


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