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Re: porting ecos on LPC1768

Ilija Kocho [Илија Кочо]
Hi Abhishek.

Yes, LPC1766 can be used with LPC1768, as well as a base for
LPC1768port. For detail and differences between LPC1766 and LPC1768 you
need to consult their LPC17xx documentation that you can find at NXP web

eCos porting process is well described in /eCos reference manual/ and in
/eCos component writer's guide/ that you can find at:

The LPC1766 port is available from CVS repository

I hope this helps


On 28.08.2013 13:42, abhishek srivastava wrote:

> sir
> i am looking to port ecos on mbed LPC1768 but i am not sure where to
> begin with?
> i have ported ecos on i386 (vmware), but i am looking for some
> documentation that may help me in porting process.
> please provide/refer some documentation (not ecos documention), for
> porting on LPC1768
> would the same port you have created for LPC1766 work for LPC1768 ?
> where can i found it to look and modify?
> looking for reply
> thank you
> Abhishek

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