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Re: mauve Harness and RunnerProcess Proposal

Pekka Enberg-4
(CC'ing the mailing list.)

On Sat, 2012-02-11 at 16:51 +0000, James Ahmed wrote:

> Hi there,
>          I recently started using the Mauve testcases on a Custom JVM.
>         And i noticed a small little feature i thought would be a
>         great addition to the Project.
>         For better automation, test cases should create an xml file
>         based on their file name.
>         So for instance a command line option "-autoXml <results_dir>"
>         would create xml files containing the results of the test runs
>         in the <results_dir> specidied.
>         so running testcase java/beans/XMLDecoder/
>         would create
>         <results_dir>/java/beans/XMLDecoder/EqualityChecker.xml
>         so running java.*
>         would populate the relevant xml files in their relevant
>         locations.
>         The argument here is that this will help automated testers
>         gather the results more efficiently?
>         I would like to know if  this change would be accepted before
>         i began making it.

If Mauve doesn't already support this sort of thing, it certainly makes
sense to me to add it.