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Klaas Gadeyne-4
On Mon, 31 Oct 2005, Andrew Lunn wrote:

>> Furthermore, Chapter 22 of the user-guide describes how to build/run a test
>> suite from configtool.   When I try that approach, building goes fine,
>> but when I try to run a test program, I get the same "failed to get
>> pty error" as described here
>> <>
>> However I have the LEGACY_PTYS option enabled in my kernel.  Any
>> suggestions?
> That was just a guess. I had seen a similar problem with another
> application with 2.6. You need to debug the problem further. Try
> running strace and see what configtool is trying to actually use when
> it fails.

It appeared to be a problem with unsufficient rights to access the
/dev/pty* files.

thx for your help!


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