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Re: could you do me a favor about OMAP 5912 osk

Gary Thomas
On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 16:15 +0800, mac wrote:

> Hello,
>     I am a student who want to develop applications on OMAP 5912 osk
> with eCos.
> And there is no template for 5912 in eCos configtool(eCos CVS
> version), so that I have to port eCos on to 5912 first by myself.
> I modified from OMAP innovator, but the MPU (5912: ARM926EJS.
> innovator: ARM925T)and the flash (5912: INTEL strata flash 28F256J3.
> innovator: AMD_AM29DL323D) are different and there is no serial RS232
> code can be used. I used integrator flash , INTEL strata flash
> 23F320S3 , and serial RS232 code with modifying channel number,
> register address, etc. After I load the built redboot rom image(.bin)
> on to 5912, there is not any message on the terminal.
>     And now, I have try all method I can use, and it still doesn't
> work. In addition, I want to learn how to build redboot_sdram.out, so
> that I can use CCS to load redboot on to 5912, but I can't find any
> document.
>     So that I read the mailing list  and get your e-mail, and I hope
> that
> you can give me some help.

The eCos mailing list is the best source for such discussions.

What sort of hardware debug tools do you have available?  When working
on ROM code as you are, these are often your best friend.

As for running RedBoot in RAM, this simply works on most platforms.
Just try building one with the simplest layout:
  % ecosconfig new omap5912 redboot
  % ecosconfig tree
  % make
This will build a minimal RAM startup RedBoot.  Load it onto your
board and test it (provided you have some tools - I don't know what
CCS is).  Note: eCos remaps memory on the ARM boards to place the
RAM at location 0x00000000 (and the FLASH somewhere else).  If this
is not the native memory map on your hardware, you may have to play
some games to get the code loaded at the correct location, etc.

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