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Re: binutils-2_28-branch: RISC-V Fixes

Tristan Gingold-2

> On 16 Jan 2017, at 09:04, Tristan Gingold <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> On 16 Jan 2017, at 03:17, Palmer Dabbelt <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> These patches landed on master, but we'd like them to be on the 2.28 branch as
>> well if possible.  They're all small patches that fix bugs.
>> I'm not sure what the procedure is for doing this: I was told to email Tristan
>> Gringold for approval, I've rebased these patches against the 2.28 branch.
>> They have ChangeLog entries that match the ones in the master branch, but I can
>> change that around if that's what's supposed to happen.
> That's ok for 2.28; please commit.

(And with the correct binutils email).