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Mark Wielaard
Hi all,

> You may have recently received an email asking you to review a
> document titled "GNU Social Contract" and then to endorse it or
> reject it.

The email in question was sent to GNU maintainers and can be found

   The goal of this document is to state the core values GNU
   maintainers and uploaders and contributors who have endorsed it are
   committed to uphold.  It is both an agreement among us, GNU
   contributors, and a pledge to the broader free software
   community.  Additionally, we think it can be a first step towards
   formalizing a transparent and collective governance of the GNU

Version 1.0 can now be found here:

> GNU package maintainers have committed to do work to maintain and add
> to the GNU system, but not anything beyond that.  We have never
> pressed contributors to endorse the GNU Project philosophy, or any
> other philosophical views, because people are welcome to contribute to
> GNU regardless of their views.
> To change that -- to impose such requirements -- would be radical,
> gratuitous, and divisive

Feedback like this was given by multiple people, and we do not intend
to make endorsing the document a condition for contribution to any GNU
package. The GSC simply defines the core values of the GNU Project.

Based on feedback several changes were made to the final document as
can be seen here:

> The wiki that they set up "for GNU maintainers" represents them

We setup  on request of several GNU maintainers. Please see and to
see how it works and if you want to use it.