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Re: Sophora Flavescens Extract Matrine & Oxyhmatrine
Hi dear friend,
Nice day to you.
We are a factory of Sophora Flavescens Extract, glad to know you.
Kindly see which purity meet your market and for how many quantity?
So that we can back you best offer with COA at once.
Product Name: Sophora Flavescens Extract
Active Ingredients: Matrine & Oxyhmatrine
Specification: ≥ 0.5%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 90%, 98%
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Brown to White Liquid or Powder
Solubility: Matrine is soluble in water, benzene, chloroform, methanol, ethanol and slightly soluble in petroleum ether
        1. Biological pesticide: Matrine is a natural plant - derived pesticide with low toxicity to humans and livestock.It has obvious control effect on slime worm, green vegetable insect, aphid and starscream.        2. Antibacterial gel: Sophora flavescentis lye solution has shown inhibitory effect on escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect in antibacterial gel and is often used in gynecological chronic inflammation such as mold infection.        3. cosmetics: Matrine has the function of clearing heat and dryness and dampness and anti-inflammatory, so it can kill the insect born from dampness and heat. It can be used as antibacterial agent, anti-inflammatory agent and acne removing product in daily chemical products.
Any other question, free to ask.
Waiting for your prompt respond.
Thanks & Best Regards
Alice Lee (Sales Director)
(USFDA & KFDA Approved)
E-mail / Skype: [hidden email]
Mobile: +86-18092591328
QQ: 3471986192
Add.: No. 34 South Fenghui Road, Xi'an City 710075, Shaanxi Province, China.