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Thank u very much.

80KB of on chip RAM is available for LH7A404 Processor and it can be used for both program and data. I am planning to use 1MB external Flash memory for program. Do the 80 KB ram is sufficient for the eCOS kernal and peripheral module's DATA RAM

Thomas Joseph

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Hi thomas

I think you are new to eCos.
The Non Volatile Memory is specific your Need.
If U talk about the eCos, in One of my Handheld Device With Ecos I have Managed everything in 128 KB Of RAM.
Even you can scale eCos to as low as 32 KB to 64 KB. And If You are Not Sure about the application you Go with 512 KB to 1 MB of Memory then in your final version you can optimise the Size.

Thanks And Regards
Mohan W

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 [hidden email] wrote :
>I am using Sharp LH7A404 ARM922T processor for a hanheld reader project. I am using 2 UARTS, USB2.0 Client, SPI Memory. How musc volatile memory is required to interface with the processor to make this system working with eCOS
>Thomas Joseph