Questions about CDL dependencies in eCos

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Questions about CDL dependencies in eCos

Sarah Nadi
  Hi everyone,

I am a researcher at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. As
part of a research team with members from both the University of
Waterloo and Carnegie Mellon University, USA, we are interested in
creating automated tools for large configurable software. We are
currently working on automatically reverse engineering configuration
dependencies  from code such that all dependencies between configuration
features are documented (similar to those documented in CDL files). This
is useful to automatically identify dependencies that need to be
enforced in the configuration files. These tools can also help with
consistency checks between the code and the dependencies specified in
configuration files (such as CDL files). We have tested our
infrastructure on four different open-source systems, including eCos,
and can already recover many of the existing dependencies [1]. We are
now doing a qualitative investigation of dependencies from the
perspective of developers. We want to understand the sources of such
configuration dependencies as well as the general reasons why developers
enforce dependencies in practice.

To improve our tools, and to better understand the configuration
dependencies  enforced, we are interested in talking to developers who
are familiar with CDL dependencies and/or who use the configuration
features during coding (e.g., through #ifdef macro). This can take place
through an online questionnaire and/or phone/Skype interviews. Either of
these would take 15 min of your time. We would discuss when you enforce
dependencies in CDL, your usage of #ifdefs in the code, as well as
concrete examples of dependencies we could not automatically recover.

If you are willing to participate, please fill in the questionnaire
found at and/or reply to this email to set up an
interview time.


Sarah Nadi
University of Waterloo, ON, Canada
[hidden email]

[1] Sarah Nadi, Thorsten Berger, Christian Kästner, Krzysztof Czarnecki.
Mining Configuration Constraints: Static Analyses and Empirical Results.
In ICSE'14: Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Software
Engineering, Hyderabad, India, 2014.

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