Q: shared lib support for new target.

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Q: shared lib support for new target.

Balint Cristian
 Hello !

        A bit ago asked some hints/docs to understand better the elf, that was usefull to respin or1k port,
well finaly i done it succesfuly even for latest today binutils CVS.
        My new problem is now  that only generation of relocatable objects or static objects are aviable.

Q: I ask the experienced developers here to hint me in few words what need to do for support of runtime-loadable,
dynamic/shared objects  especialy in binutils land, for a new target, what are the sistematic steps [if there are any ;-)]
 to follow tham in steps ?
        I searched already in archive first, but things related to this but was not very usefull for a very start.

Thank you !