Platform HAL porting and structure.

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Platform HAL porting and structure.

Paul Chavent

I try to create a new platform hal. It's for the gameboy advance (so

There is one which already exist, but i will do it to learn myself howto
do (and add some custom features).

So i use the existing port as an example.

But i'am not able to understand a part of the Ecos Reference Manual.

In "Chapter 6 Hal structure -> Platform hal", there is one example that
differ from the actual structure for my platform. It seems that the
example apply to a PPC based architecture.

In "Chapter 6 Platform HAL Porting -> Minimal requirements ยง9", there is
two kind of naming convention if we are on PPC or ARM.

So my question is : "Is there a new naming scheme common to all
architectures/variant/platform for futures version of ecos that should
follow the 'Chapter 6 Hal structure' model ?"

Thanks !

Paul Chavent.