More changes to future Kawa releases?

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More changes to future Kawa releases?

Duncan Mak
Hello Per,

I know that the release process has changed quite a bit since the 2.0
release. I have a couple more suggestions.

1) Upload kawa jars to maven

I noticed that the version listed on Maven central is pretty old. I
think it will be good to have the latest jars available on Maven.

For the project that I'm working on right now, I checked in jar files
into my repo, but moving forward, having artifacts hosted is the right
thing to do, and will enable both Ant users (via Ivy) or Maven users
to track dependencies without checking in binaries to the source tree.

2) Ship the build-tools classes in another jar?

The Kawac ant task is built as part of the build-tools target, but
it's not available outside of the kawa source tree. I tried to use the
Kawac task in my own project, and I couldn't get it to work until I
copied the 'tools' directory from the Kawa tree into my own.

Once I have worked out a reasonable system, I plan to write out a set
of instructions for building projects in Kawa. A good first step might
be to ship the kawac ant task as part of the release.

What do you think? Let me know where I can help.