Missing files compiling Glibc cvs.

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Missing files compiling Glibc cvs.

Some changes in the glibc cvs has now causes programs to not be
able to compile properly. It complains about missing files not being
installed. This problem was recently introduced in cvs in the last 5
days. My programs during compiling give errors as follows. (these are the only 2 so far).

usr/include/signal.h:351:28: error: sys/ucontext.h
151:28: error: missing alloca.h in stdlib.h

I noticed that the alloca.h and ucontext.h file exists in CVS but are
not installed. I Did some more investigation into it and found the

On line 351 in signal/signal.h, It looks for "#  include <sys/ucontext.h>"
but ucontext.h is *not* installed/copied over.

Also on line 614 of stdlib/stdlib.h, It looks for "# include <alloca.h>"
which is not installed/copied over.

If I comment out these lines (haven't tried copying them over yet), all my
programs that I compile stop complaining and correctly work.

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Re: Missing files compiling Glibc cvs.

Andreas Jaeger

This should be fixed by now,
 Andreas Jaeger, [hidden email], http://www.suse.de/~aj/
  SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 N├╝rnberg, Germany
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