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Migration from CVS to git

Mark Pizzolato - pthreads - win32
Hi there,

I was wondering if the idea of migrating from CVS to git was of interest to this project.

I've got several projects using pthreads-win32 and all of these are contained in git repositories.  I'd prefer to reference the pthreads-win32 as a git SubModule rather than keeping a direct copy of a checkout of the CVS contents within these projects.

If pthreads-win32 isn't going to migrate to git anytime REAL soon, I would like to put this project into my own git repository for it.  I'd love to retain the history of changes to the project along with the current state.  In order to do that (according to the writeup for cvs2svn/cvs2git) I'd need a to have a copy of the "CVS repository" to process (that is a copy of the actual files on the system which is currently serving the remote CVS access).  A tarball of the repository would be easiest.  Can someone provide this?

If there is any interest, I'll be glad to make the resulting git repository publicly available.


- Mark Pizzolato