MIPS soft/hard float multilib

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MIPS soft/hard float multilib

Petr Cvek

I would like to generate a toolchain for an MT7628 setup, which has this configuration:

-msoft-float but with possibility for -mhard-float

Is it possible to configure the crosstool-ng for both floats? I always end up with either gnu/stubs-o32_soft.h or gnu/stubs-o32_hard.h missing (these seems to be part of the glibc).

I've tried to set:

CT_CC_GCC_MULTILIB_LIST="march=24kec/mips32r2 msoft-float/mhard-float mdsp"
CT_TARGET_CFLAGS="-mdsp -march=24kec"

but it still generates only one stubs-o32 version.

Also it seems glibc gets compiled only with a default -mips32r2 flag, so later (in buildroot) linking with -mdsp objects fails as the plain mips32r2 doesn't support mdsp instructions.

GCC version 8.3.0, glibc version 2.29

Thanks for help