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[LKML watch] Issues that systemtap team may be interest

Masami Hiramatsu

Here are issues posted on LKML in the last week.
Some issues were solved, but other issues were not solved.

Linux-Kernel Archive: 4k stacks
# Measuring amount of consumed stack size by using
# a hand-made patch. SystemTap can do it more easily.

Linux-Kernel Archive: How to obtain process ID that created a packet
# They tried to catch PID that generated a packet by using netfilter.
# But the attempt failed. SystemTap can easily do that.

For example:
probe kernel.function("sys_send") {
        printf("packet generated by %d\n", pid());

Linux-Kernel Archive: [SCHED] Totally WRONG prority calculation
with specific test-case(since 2.6.10-bk12)
# Monitoring process priority by using top command.
# SystemTap can provide more precise log of priority.

Linux-Kernel Archive: How to get blocking information?
# He wants to know when the processes sleep inside system-calls.
# SystemTap may obtain these information easily.
# This issue is not solved.

Best regards,

2nd Research Dept.
Hitachi, Ltd., Systems Development Laboratory
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