LD_PROFILE with glibc-2.4 on mips-linux

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LD_PROFILE with glibc-2.4 on mips-linux

Van Horne, John

I am using glibc-2.4 on MIPS with:
and I am trying to profile a shared library. I have a simple test
program with an executable called proftest which links dynamically with
a library, libwait.so. On my MIPS system I do:

export LD_PROFILE=libwait.so

and I get in response:

proftest: no PLTREL found in object /lib/libc.so.6

I applied a patch (found here:
to my glibc-2.4 sources, rebuilt, replaced ld-2.4.so, and can run the
above commands without the PLTREL error. But I find no profiling output
file. I'm looking in the current directory and under /var, and I'm
looking for anything like *.profile. Does profiling of shared libraries
work on MIPS? I admit that I've never profiled before, so I could be
doing something very stupid, but I've searched the web including
libc-alpha mail archives, and I'm not finding much documentation of how
profiling of shared libraries with LD_PROFILE is supposed to be used.


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Re: LD_PROFILE with glibc-2.4 on mips-linux

Ulrich Drepper
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John Van Horne wrote:
> I am using glibc-2.4 on MIPS with:

Take this elsewhere.  MIPS is no supported platform.  There must be
somewhere a list for the ports.

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