JFFS2 updated to support writebuffer

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JFFS2 updated to support writebuffer

Max Seidenstücker
Hi folks,

finally I got a first version running. The port is based on the JFFS2 version contained in the 3.9.2 Linux kernel and is only tested on Freescale MPC5668G PowerPC processor using NOR-ECC flash with 8 Byte aligned write blocks. With the quality of the code it may be considered a hack, but see for yourself!

The main goal was to get the writebuffer working, which is also a big part of the NAND portion of the code, that was out of focus and needs to be implemented by s.o. else who has got such a flash device.

There are still some aspects that need optimzation and solid testing, especially the garbage collection. There were some issues described in the .cdl file with icache locking that I did not understand yet.

Freescale specific files can be obtained from this bugzilla entry (if you have this hardware):

The updated file system is provided in a zip package. Please let me know how to add this to the project cleanly. I am not used to mailing lists yet.


Best regards
Max Seidenstuecker