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Patrick Zou-2

I modifed the symbol link under /lib/ and
pointed to my newly compiled ld-2.5. If I do a reboot
after that, /sbin/init will give an error message like
libsegxx can't be found. Well, if I do any ldconfig to
update its cache, my link (to the new ld-linux) will
be erased and restored to the old ld-2.5. If I move it
to a new name, lddconfig is smart enough to trace it
back and pointed to the "moved" file name.

Someone posted that this has to be done by passing
"init=/sbin/init" in grub, I tried this, its file
system is read only after booting up with this
optioin. I also tried to boot in rescue, not much

Other libs like libc is OK.

Very curious why is that? how to fix?


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