Implementation for insn_info_valid in i386-dis.c

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Implementation for insn_info_valid in i386-dis.c

Hi everyone,
I am working on the implementaion for the insn_info_valid for x86,
Which has not yet been implemented. In the above structure, which is
part of the structure declaration taken from dis-asm.h :

char insn_info_valid; /* Branch info has been set. */  char

branch_delay_insns; /* How many sequential insn's will run before
 a branch takes effect.  (0 = normal) */  char data_size; /* Size of
data reference in insn, in bytes */  enum dis_insn_type insn_type; /*
Type of instruction */
bfd_vma target; /* Target address of branch or dref, if known;  
zero if unknown.  */
bfd_vma target2; /* Second target address for dref2 */

On a x86 machine, due to the large number of instructions and various
addressing modes, will be ever be able to surely determine the
Rest all the other memebers have been implemented.


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