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Get perfect toes in as little as 3 days

Urgent Fungus Destroyer
Theres been a recent breakthrough for reversing fungus
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The road begins a few hundred yards south of Nottinghamshire County
Hall (built in 1937), in West Bridgford in the district of Rushcliffe,
at the traffic lights junction of the A60 (for Loughborough) and the
B679 (for Wilford). The section to Melton follows the former railway
from Nottingham to Melton, now the Old Dalby Test Track, and to the A46
junction is only a few hundred metres apart. The line then continued
from Melton to Oakham, then on to Corby and Kettering, and was the
fastest route to Nottingham by train from St Pancras. It followed the
exact line of the former turnpike. It begins as Melton Road, and passes
two churches then crosses the former railway line to Melton, and the BP
Melton Road Filling Station. There is traffic lights at a crossroad for
Valley Road, to the left, and Boundary Road, to the right (for
Rushcliffe Leisure Centre and Rushcliffe School). In Edwalton, the road
then crosses the former railway, where a few hundred metres further
south it is still accessible by train. To the right is Wheatcrofts
garden centre (started by Harry Wheatcroft) and the road meets the A52
at a busy roundabout, where the road exits to the east as a trunk road.
Entering Tollerton from the low bridge There is a 14 ft 6 in low bridge
(the former railway), so there is a turning point for high vehicles.
For the next mile the road is the parish boundary between Tollerton to
the left, and Plumtree, to the right. It passes Tollerton post office
and there is traffic lights for Tollerton Lane (for Nottingham
Airport), where there is the TOTAL Lane End Garage. The road becomes
the parish boundary between Plumtree and Normanton-on-the-Wolds, to the
left. The former A606 used to go through both villages before 1930. At
the end of the joint bypass, there is a right turn for the British
Geological Survey. It passes through Stanton-on-the-Wolds. At the
junction for Keyworth, there is the Murco Wolds Service Station. At a
crossroads, there is access to Widmerpool, to the right, and the former
Widmerpool railway station. The road meets the dual-carriageway A46 at
an interchange. This point is the southern end of the A46 Newark to
Widmerpool Improvement. Broughton Hill At Hickling Pastures, it passes
Turnpike Farm, and there is a left turn for Hickling. The road becomes
more hilly, and it passes through Upper Broughton and its Golden
Fleece. Crossing the Dalby Brook, the road enters Leicestershire and
the district of Melton. In Broughton and Old Dalby, it passes through
Nether Broughton, and its Anchor Inn and Red House. The road is crossed
by a pylon line, and ascends Broughton Hill where the road rises 80
metres in 0.5 km. Sugar Loaf in Ab Kettleby On the top of the hill,
there are crossroads, which is highest point of the road at 171 metres,
for a former Roman road (Six Hills Lane) that follows the northern
ridge of the wolds, where the right turn is for Wartnaby. The road
descends down a hill into Ab Kettleby, the former home of Desert
Orchid, passing the Sugar Loaf on the left. The road descends down the
side of a valley and up onto Potter Hill. At this point the road enters
the parish of Melton Mowbray as Nottingham Road. It passes the Esso
Brookside Service Station and the headquarters of East Midlands
Councils, and Melton Borough Council on the right. It meets the A607
and A6006 at traffic lights and crossroads. Previously the road went
straight through the town centre, which is now pedestrianised as
Nottingham Street. The southbound road now follows the A607 to the east
on Norman Way, then follows Thorpe End and Sherrard Street to the west,
in a convoluted route through the town centre. The northbound route
follows Leicester Street then Wilton Road. Both meet at an awkward
junction at the Anne of Cleves