GDB-stub in Redboot fails to handshake

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GDB-stub in Redboot fails to handshake

Les G. Miklosy
Thankyou Gary and Andrew for that reply.

Here is the memory usage I have setup for my builds:

Redboot ROMRAM Start Address = 0x40_000_000
Virtual Vector Table = 0x40_100_000
Linked Library Address = 0x41_000_000
Application Start Address = 0x41_000_000

The Redboot load size is roughly 550,000 bytes or 0x86470, so I thought with
this build there is plenty of room for the application to fit in. I can load
and run all four Sample applications from the Redboot side with this setup
OK, all load at 0x41000000. I just can't make the handshake from the gdb side
and the subsequent run.


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