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FYI: Recent test case additions

I've added a number of new test cases to Mauve as a result of

The earlier four below test for the first four issues in the bug.
While running these, I found that they would fail, despite the
security checks being present in the code.  It appears that the
TestSecurityManager uses a Policy object to check for security calls
and this is ignored by the default SecurityManager on most GNU
Classpath VMs.

The latest change below adds a test to Mauve for this.  I'll push a
fix for GNU Classpath's VMAccessController shortly, but my testing
shows that at least CACAO, JamVM and gij have their own copy that
needs updating.

2010-12-01 Andrew John Hughes <[hidden email]>

        * gnu/testlet/
        Fix whitespace.
        * gnu/testlet/java/security/Policy/
        Test that the default security manager actually
        uses the currently established policy.  Our
        TestSecurityManager relies on this.

2010-11-24  Andrew John Hughes  <[hidden email]>

        PR classpath/42390
        * gnu/testlet/java/security/ProtectionDomain/
        New test to ensure toString() does a getPolicy
        check when not in debugging mode.

2010-11-15  Andrew John Hughes  <[hidden email]>

        PR classpath/42390
        * gnu/testlet/java/io/File/
        Add security manager checks for deleteOnExit,
        exists, canRead, isFile, isDirectory, isHidden,
        lastModified, length, canWrite, mkdir, mkdirs,

2010-11-15  Andrew John Hughes  <[hidden email]>

        PR classpath/42390
        * gnu/testlet/java/util/logging/LogManager/
        Add test for addPropertyChangeListener and
        removePropertyChangeListener SecurityManager checks.

2010-11-15  Andrew John Hughes  <[hidden email]>

        PR classpath/42390
        * aclocal.m4,
        * configure: Regenerated.
        * gnu/testlet/java/io/ObjectOutputStream/
        Add tests for ObjectOutputStream(OutputStream)
        as reported in PR classpath/42390.

Andrew :)

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