FW: Need information about passing command line arguments.

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FW: Need information about passing command line arguments.


The following information from the directory share/sidcomp
Please let me know which is th glob-component?

[root@fedora4 sidcomp]# ls
bridge-blt.blt         hw-interrupt-arm_ref.txt        hw-rtc-sid.txt
bridge-tcl.tcl         hw-interrupt-cogent_cma222.txt
hw-uart-ns16550.txt      sid-io-socket.txt
bridge-tcl.txt         hw-interrupt-mep.txt
hw-visual-clock.tk       sid-io-stdio.txt
bridge-tk.tk           hw-lcd-char-display.txt
hw-visual-clock.txt      sid-sched.txt
hw-cache.txt           hw-lcd-hd44780u.txt             hw-visual-lcd.tk
hw-cpu-mep.txt         hw-lcd-t6963c.txt               hw-visual-lcd.txt
hw-debug-mep.txt       hw-mapper-basic.txt
hw-visual-probe-bus.blt  sw-glue-attribbank.txt
hw-disk-ide.txt        hw-memory-flash.txt
hw-visual-probe-pin.tk   sw-load-elf.txt
hw-dma-mep.txt         hw-memory-ram_rom-basic.txt     hw-visual-tty.tk
hw-glue-bus-mux.txt    hw-parport-ps_2.txt             sid-api-trace.tcl
hw-glue-probe-bus.txt  hw-remap_pause-arm_ref.txt
hw-glue-sequence.txt   hw-rtc-ds1x42.txt


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From: Subba Krishna M N
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 12:41 PM
To: 'Frank Ch. Eigler'
Cc: [hidden email]
Subject: FW: Need information about passing command line arguments.

One more request how to find GLOSS-COMPONENT, I tried --save-temps it
gives help information related to options mentioned below, please let us
know what is GLOSS-COMPONENT?

I got information about gloss-component in the configrun-sid file

%gloss_comptype = (
                   "arm" => "sw-gloss-arm/angel",
                   "thumb" => "sw-gloss-arm/angel",
                   "x86" => "sw-gloss-generic/libgloss",
                   "mep" => "sw-gloss-generic/libgloss",
                   # INSERT NEW ENTRIES HERE
                   "m32r" => "sw-gloss-m32r/libgloss",
                   "xstormy16" => "sw-gloss-generic/libgloss",
I tried with following commands I'm getting error like

[root@fedora4 bin]# ./sid --board=mm_MAX --load=hello1.x -e 'set mep
ommand-line -INITTIME'
<literal>:1: component mep not found
Configuration error.  Aborting.


./sid: option `--save-temps' requires an argument
Usage: sid OPTIONS [FILE] ...
-h, --help            Print this help
-v, --version         Print version
-n, --no-run          Load/check configuration but do not run simulation
-f FILE               Also read configuration FILE
-e LINE               Also do configuration LINE

All -b options are performed first, in sequence.
All -f/-e options are performed after -b options, in sequence.
FILE names supplied without -f are done last, in sequence.

--persistent          Run top-level loop indefinitely
--rc                  Pass stop code as simulator exit rc
--save-temps=FILE     Write config to FILE, '-' for stdout.
--wrap=COMPONENT      Turn on SID API tracing for COMPONENT
--verbose             Turn on run-time verbosity settings
--tksm                Add a an experimental Tk system monitor
--tksched             Add a simple Tk sim-scheduler controller
--board=BOARD         Instantiate builtin BOARD; remaining options
                      apply to most recently instantiated BOARD.
                      BOARD may be any of:
                         mm_MAX MeP custom board 'mm_MAX'

Board-specific options:
--cpu=CPU             Change board to use CPU
--load=FILE           Load FILE into board's memory
                      Sub options (comma separated):
                         bus=MAPPER   Load file into bus MAPPER
                         cpu=CPU      Set pc of cpu CPU on load
                         all-cpus     Shortcut for using all CPUs
--gloss               Give board a gloss (operating system)
--gdb=PORT            Give board a gdb stub on tcp port PORT
--engine=scache|pbb   Set board's engine type to scache or pbb
--sidrtc=ADDR         Add a real-time clock at address ADDR
--sidcodec=ADDR       Add an audio codec at address ADDR
--insn-count=COUNT    Set block of uninterrupted ticks for insns
--enable-warnings     Turn on CPU execution warnings
--final-insn-count    Turn on CPU instruction count summary
--trace-extract       Turn on CPU insn decode tracing
--trace-semantics     Turn on CPU execute tracing
--trace-disassemble   Turn on CPU execute disassembly
--trace-counter       Turn on CPU insn tracing
--trace-core          Turn on bus access tracing
--icache=TYPE         Put insn cache hw-cache-TYPE on board
--dcache=TYPE         Put data cache hw-cache-TYPE on board
                      e.g., direct/64kb/32, 4way/256kb/64/lru
--EB | --EL           Set powerup CPU mode to big/little endian
--gprof=FILE          Turn on GPROF profiling, collect in FILE
                      Sub option (comma separated):
                         cycles[=N]   collect data every N simulated
                                      default N=1.
                         (if cycles is not specified, default to
                          collect data every Insn-count ticks.)
                      Add RAM region from BASE to BASE+SIZE-1.
                      Sub options (comma separated):
                         bus=MAPPER   Attach memory to bus MAPPER
                         read-only    Make memory read-only
                         alias=BASE2  Add an alias at BASE2
                         file=NAME    Load/save memory from file
                         mmap         Memory map given file
                         latency=r:w  Set read, write latencies [0:0]
                         latency=rw   Set both latencies [0]
--ulog-level=LEVEL    Set the logging level for the current board
                      Set the logging mode for the current board
--ulog-file=-|FILE    Set the log file name
--warn-write-to-code  Generate a warning when memory containing
executable code is written to
--no-warn-write-to-code  Do not generate a warning when memory
containing executable code is written to
--warn-write-to-rom   Generate a warning when read only memory is
written to
--allow-write-to-rom  Allow read only memory to be written to
--model-busses        Turn on bus arbitration modelling
--dsp-user-out        Display user written DSP trace output for
--no-dsp-user-out     Display normal insn disassembly of DSP insns for

 note: most board-specific options can be used in board-neutral position
 where they are interpreted as session-specific or default settings.

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank Ch. Eigler [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 2:39 AM
To: Subba Krishna M N
Cc: [hidden email]
Subject: Re: Need information about passing command line arguments.

Hi -

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 12:01:11PM +0530, [hidden email] wrote:
> [...]
> ./sid -board=mm_MAX -load=hello.x -INITTIME
> considering the above example please let me know how to pass -INITTIME
> to the hello.x
> [...]

The code in sid/main/mainDynamic.cxx does not appear able to pass
simulated command line arguments to the gloss component (the
"command-line" attribute) the same way that the sid/bsp/configrun-sid
perl front-end did.  You may be able to simulate it with the more
general "-e" option, something like this:

./sid -board=mm_MAX -load=hello.x \
     -e 'set GLOSS-COMPONENT command-line -INITTIME'

You'd have to figure out the right GLOSS-COMPONENT name though,
perhaps from a prior run with "--save-temps".

- FChE

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