Experimental GNU Classpath and Mauve mercurial and git mirrors

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Experimental GNU Classpath and Mauve mercurial and git mirrors

Mark Wielaard

Thanks to Pekka Enberg there are now experimental hg and git mirrors of
all the GNU Classpath and Mauve CVS repository modules on icedtea:

They should sync each hour and update.

Note that they are read-only, experimental and we reserve the right to
regenerate them. In fact, if you find anything odd or just plain wrong
with them, please let us know. And we will try to regenerate them more
correctly. Although CVS just doesn't have all the necessary information
to make them perfect, so some issues will sadly only be "correct by



P.S. For people wanting to try this at home. Both savannah and
sourceware let you rsync the complete raw CVS repository:

You need to have:

   - git cvsimport (git-cvs)
   - hg convert (add [extensions] hgext.convert= to ~/.hgrc)

The attached ./mirror-cvs uses those and the config files to create the
git and hg repos from the CVS repositories.

mirror-cvs-it.tar.gz (4K) Download Attachment