Disassembly of PowerPC mtspr/mfspr instructions

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Disassembly of PowerPC mtspr/mfspr instructions

Ron McCall

I was disassembling some object modules with objdump
(version 2.16.1, sparc-solaris2.9 host, powerpc-eabi
target) and saw an unexpected instruction:

$ powerpc-eabi-objdump -D foo.o
 190:   7d 58 8a a6     mfdc_cst r10

The object code should have been for the
MPC7455/MPC7457 which doesn't have a dc_cst register
(MPC860 does).  I decoded the instruction manually and
found that it was SPR #568 which is dbat4u on the
MPC745x.  I then realized I hadn't told objdump which
architecture to expect so I added that option:

$ powerpc-eabi-objdump -m powerpc:7400 -D foo.o
 190:   7d 58 8a a6     mfdc_cst r10

Same result!  The dbat4u register is only present on
some of the 7400 family (e.g. MPC7445, MPC7447,
MPC7455 and MPC7457) which is the most specific
architecture including the MPC7455/MPC7457 that
objdump supports.  Still, since the dc_cst register
does not appear to exist in any member of the 7400
family, shouldn't the disassembler recognize this as
dbat4u instead?  Note that the latest CVS doesn't do
anything differently in this case.

Ron McCall
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Re: Disassembly of PowerPC mtspr/mfspr instructions

Ron McCall

I've run into more issues with the disassembly of MPC7455/MPC7457
instructions involving SPRs (special purposes registers) using objdump.
Recall from my previous message that a read of dbat4u was disassembled
as an "mfdc_cst" instruction (MPC860).  Note that reads of dbat4l are
disassembled similarly:

 194:   7d 79 8a a6     mfdc_adr r11 // should be dbat4u

However, writes to dbat4u and dbat4l are disassembled like so:

 1c4:   7d 58 8b a6     mtspr   568,r10 // dbat4u
 1c8:   7d 79 8b a6     mtspr   569,r11 // dbat4l

I had meant to mention in my previous message that if you couldn't just
define new opcodes with the appropriate processor flag(s) then perhaps
using the more generic mfspr/mtspr instructions might be less confusing.

Other SPR issues that I've run across are:

   c:   7d 72 fb a6     mtdbcr0 r11 // should be IABR
  1c:   7d 75 fb a6     mtiac2  r11 // should be DABR

   8:   7c f5 42 a6     mfspr   r7,277 // SPRG5
  40:   7d 35 43 a6     mtsprg5 r9     // writes disassemble OK
  14:   7d 36 42 a6     mfspr   r9,278 // SPRG6
  34:   7d 16 43 a6     mtsprg6 r8     // writes disassemble OK

  1c:   7e 90 fa a6     mfdbsr  r20 // should be HID0
  24:   7e 90 fb a6     mtdbsr  r20 // should be HID0

Thus, there is some inconsistency between register reads and writes and
the mapping of SPR numbers to register names for a given architecture.

Does anyone know if there are any easy "fixes" for these "problems"?
Would it be helpful for me to try to generate a complete list of
MPC7455/MPC7457 issues?