Debugging RedBoot problems

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Debugging RedBoot problems

Shmuel Vagner
I have somehow managed to build, load and run a new RedBoot for the GRG
platform (ADI board with IXP425 CPU).
Now I am trying to debug the boot code with Vision ICE 2 and encounter a
lot of problems:

1 - First of all I am not sure what image should I debug: ROM or RAM.
The ICE could not even download the ROM so I work with RAM for now.
2 - After I download the RAM image (I converted it first to a .bdx and
.ab symbol file) the ice seems confused and tries to locate a
"drv_api.c" file instead of "vector.s" (At least I think that it should
start from there).
3 - At some point I gave up on the symbols and just let it run. I
expected Redboot to start working and get a serial connection but
instead it stuck.

Any suggestions, pointers or comments?


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